Ukraine Ministry by Misha Dubovyk – Rovna, Ukraine

In the middle of May, God took our friend Mrs. Liuba. She was 62 and had cancer. Inna and I were visiting her during her last year of life. We would share God’s Word with her, and she would listen with great attention. Shortly before her death, she accepted Christ.
In the last few days of Mrs. Liuba’s life and in the first few days following her death, we met with almost all her family. They accepted us as a part of their family. We had an opportunity to share the Gospel with Natalya, Mrs. Liuba’s daughter.
On the day of the funeral, we were thinking about asking their permission if we could continue to visit them, but before we got the chance to ask, they said: “Don’t leave us alone, please. In nine days, we will gather to remember the deceased. Come visit us. We are not inviting anyone else.”
Nine days later, we met in their house. The environment was very comfortable and welcoming. We had a feeling that we were one family. We read God’s Word and talked about Him for four hours.  
After the death of Mrs. Liuba, many of her family members have continued to read the Bible, including her two adult daughters Natalya and Valentyna, her daughter-in-law Liuba, and her grandson Sergiy. This is a special feeling, when we see how Christ is building His church. Please pray for this family to accept the gospel as truth.

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