Summer LINC Program – Cologne, Germany – by Mateo Echeverry

Ten young people spent June and July working among refugees in Cologne, Germany, in partnership with GCE and Die Brücke through Laborers Impacting Nations for Christ (LINC). Several of them are planning to move long-term to serve in Europe.
After two months of daily engagement with refugees in Cologne this summer, here is a glimpse of who the team engaged (some numbers estimated):

• People Engaged: 450 • Nationalities Engaged: 31 • Gospel / testimony /Jesus stories shared: 300 • Follow-Up Visits: 150 • Salvations: 2

The team met people with various backgrounds and many different
stories to share. Here are a few examples of stories from families they met.
A group of young Yazidis joined the team to watch the Germany’s first game in the 2018 World Cup. They are from Northern Iraq and fled to Germany as a result of ISIS persecution to the Yazidis. The believers from Die Brücke – Köln are in close contact with them. Please pray for their salvation!
Hawk and his family came to Germany to get help for his son Oscar, who has osteoporosis. He fought in the Kurdish army for twelve years against ISIS. They come from a Muslim background and are Sorani Kurdish people from southern Iraq.
Juli and Jan are sisters. Their family came as refugees from Serbia more than 14 years ago and are still living
in refugee housing. The LINC team witnessed both of them putting their trust in Christ this summer.
Two sisters, along with their brother, nephew, and one more sister fled Iraq due to persecution and to find help for their nephew who suffers from a rare medical condition which doesn’t allow him to process proteins. They are Yazidis and come from Northern Iraq. Two team members located in Germany will be moving within a five-minute walk of them and are regularly in contact with them. Pray for the whole family.
Please pray for the people we connected with during the Summer LINC Program, that God’s Word would become real to them and they would receive his gift of salvation. Students are already preparing to return in 2019 for another summer of outreach.

Linc team and new friends Summer 2018

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