Il Rifugio-Turin- by Janice Meiburger

An Italian student named Alessandra, got up during a recent sharing time and said that she was a new believer who had decided to join Il Rifugio and was very excited and enthusiastic about getting to know us as a community. She also expressed her desire to follow the Lord’s command to be baptized! Paul and Janice (Pastor and wife team at Il Rifugio) met with her, heard her testimony and were convinced that even from an early age, the Lord had been pursuing her. At seven years old, despite having an atheistic mother and a non-practicing Catholic father, she insisted on going to the Catholic Church and walked there by herself.
However, it was only recently that she began attending a Christian ministry group on campus and began to explore a personal relationship with the Lord. Though many people had an impact in her life, she said it was her reading of the Gospel of John and the work of the
Holy Spirit which really opened her eyes to the gospel. Please pray for continued growth in Christ for Alessandra and continued participation at Il Rifugio.

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