High School Ministry in Italy- by Paul Mieburger

Short term missionary performing card tricks to students who attend English Club.

In Italy, there are five years of high school.  Students study philosophy and sociology during their final year, a transition which is essentially equivalent to the first year of university  in America.  Many high school teachers are openly opposed to God and the Bible.  Yet at the same time, studies have shown that young people are more likely to give their lives to Jesus during these formative years, than later as adults.

Il Rifugio Church in Torino consists mostly of young families and university-aged students.   We are seeking to increase our influence among the high school population.  In the fall, we surveyed over 100 high school students, using three simple questions: “What are your social media interests?”  “What is the meaning and purpose of life?” “If God exists, what one question would you like to ask Him?” About 50% of those surveyed wanted to know if there is a life after this physical life, so it seems clear that students are interested in spiritual ideas.

This spring, a group of short-term missionaries from Ball State University came to help with an English Club.  We were encouraged that Ludovica, a student at a nearby high school who came to our previous English Club, was there.  One short-term missionary performed quick card tricks with the students as they left the English Club, and followed up with an invitation to a foosball tournament at Il Rifugio.  Ludovica brought her friend, and five more high school students also came to play foosball with us.

Our prayer is that a small group of high school students would gather at the “Il Rifugio Christian Student Center” once per week to hang out and play foosball after school.  We hope this will evolve into a short discovery Bible Study, where we can explore together God’s answers to their questions.  Please pray with us that God will do this work, and that this group will grow to influence many more young seeking souls in Torino.

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