God’s Surpassing Power- by Chrissy Alvarez, Texas A&M

EUNL- Summer 2015

2 Corinthians 4 is the chapter I meditated on and memorized this year. These verses remind me to go back to the gospel, that our hope is in what Christ did for us and that we are consistently being molded and shaped.

As I prepared to come to Italy on a short term team (STM), I chose 2 Corinthians 4 as God’s promise for me, a reminder that it’s not up to us to change people’s hearts or to convince them to come to Christ. Our job as children of God is to show them the love of Christ, to pray for opportunities to share the gospel and what God has done in our lives, and to rely on God – it is HIS surpassing power at work, not ours. Despite our insecurities, God will still work through us and He is faithful. And we get the awesome opportunity to be a part of it!

In Italy, prayers and promises were answered.  On a trip to Brescia the first week, my friend, Sarah, and I both felt that two girls, Guenda and Irene, should be the ones we hung out with that day.  We started a conversation with them, and they began asking questions about what we believed.  Sarah and I shared our testimonies, and Sarah explained how God’s love is shown by how Jesus died on the cross for our sins. After that trip, we always looked forward to hanging out with them. And during the second week, it was amazing to see how God had conversations come up with no effort from us, as Guenda and Irene continued to ask questions. Even though they didn’t accept Christ at that time, God is faithful – His surpassing power will continue to work in their lives!