Glimpses of Germany by Matteo E.

My time in Germany was incredibly eye opening. As you can see above, there are hundreds of refugee camps all throughout the city of Hamburg, about 300 in total. The government has placed these camps all over the city, in both wealthy parts and poor parts. Everywhere you go you find Iranians, Syrians, Afghanis, and North Africans who have fled to Germany in hopes of a better life.

Most camps are made from converted containers as pictured below, and range from having 1 person per room, to 11 people per room.

As you can see, the camps are fenced in, they have security that controls who comes in and who comes out, and in order to enter we must be invited by one of the refugees living in the camp. We got to visit 3 different camps and got kicked out of one because they didn’t want church people “causing trouble”.

Our team this summer will plan on making friends with refugees in order to get into camps and start bible studies in the camps with the refugees. I think God is going to do amazing things and I look forward to sharing stories of what He does this summer.