European Migrant Opportunity- by Daniel Goering, Germany

There is a lot of news coverage (and rightly so) about the unprecedented migration of Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees to Europe. Germany is taking the biggest portion, estimated to be between 800,000 and a million by the end of this year. Click on this LINK, for an excellent interactive graphic.
It has been amazing to see the public reaction of welcoming and providing for them.  This is not something the German government is forcing on the people, but is supported by a large majority.
Many have raised fears of an islamization of Europe.  This is obviously an issue.  But it can also be viewed as an incredible opportunity.  These people will be on our turf, and it is our time to share the true hope that we have found in Christ.  If you are interested in an excellent analysis, even though it was recorded last May, click HERE for Jay Smith’s “The Crisis with ISIS and a Christian Response”.
In any event, please pray for us to make the most of the opportunity.  Thanks.