Europe Leadership Training (Euro LT) is a strategic part of United for Europe 2014, a joint Great Commission expansion initiative.  With participants from both US and European churches, Euro LT will combine Biblical training and core values along with cross-cultural equipping, evangelistic outreaches and disciple-making activities.

May – July 2014 (8 weeks)

Euro LT will take place in Italy and Germany at European Universities and cities where unbelief and post-Christian apathy are the dominant driving forces of the culture. Each week will focus on a set of Biblical Principles and Core Values along with specific ministry activities.  The last week of Euro LT, participants will be participating in a week long Into The Wilderness ReCall program.  This is an opportunity to take an Alpine adventure with experienced guides for a time of fasting, prayer, and reflection on your Euro LT experience.

Learning Communities

Euro LT will be centered around Learning Communities. Teams of of participants will work and share together with the goal of building each other up in love and obedience; working together toward common God-given goals and objectives.  Instruction will be provided by seasoned European missionary pastors followed by significant time for group discussion on application and implementation.  Participants will pray and plan together, then strategically implement their plans for the greater glory of God and the expansion of His kingdom in Europe.

How to Apply

Ideally participants have a special interest to potentially serve in Europe on a mid-term or long-term basis, but anyone who desires to serve the Lord will be considered.  Participants will be required to apply through a special Euro LT intern process with Great Commission Ministries, explaining their past ministry involvement and their reasons for desiring to serve the Lord through Euro LT.  Individuals who are accepted into the Euro LT program will attend an orientation and training in early January 2014.   As a participant, you will be able to raise funds through Great Commission Ministries for Euro LT and fundraising can begin after your training is completed.


Feel free to contact us with further questions/inquiries.