Conferences & Events

GCE promotes annual conferences for those in ministry or who simply want to renew their faith.
Below are some of the conferences and events offered.

GCE Awaken Conference

Every other year, between Christmas and New Years, GCE hosts the Awaken Conference for our churches to come together in worship, vision and equipping. Set in locations around the continent, the Awaken Conference is an inspiring opportunity to learn more about GCE while interacting with men and women from across Europe in a setting where God is exalted and faith is encouraged.

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Europe Leaders Summit

Each Fall, GCE invites European leaders to come together for prayer, vision, casting unity, and to learn from one another. Some years are focused on the pastoral leaders, others include spouses and emerging leaders who are being trained or developed in local leadership. Every year is a time for leaders to refocus on our God who leads the ministries and churches we serve!

Simple Church Conference

A simple church network has already spread across various parts of Eastern Europe. Currently there is a great need to bring key leaders together on a regular basis for prayer, fellowship, equipping, and strategizing. Every June 10-20 key leaders from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Armenia, Latvia, Romania and Poland meet in Kiev, Ukraine to build unity and stronger relationships between GCE missionary coaches and these leading brothers. These building and practical ministry times together provide a much stronger team of home-church regional coaches that therefore have a clearer and much more united vision.

Missionary Retreat

Great Commission Europe (GCE) missionaries and their families have enjoyed annual, much-needed retreats together in various locations in Europe. It is a time when these cross-cultural workers can rest and relax together, enjoy the company of fellow laborers, and be refreshed by the Lord. There are opportunities for worship, prayer, and encouragement from inspiring messages. And there is also time to simply unwind – to walk along the beach, read a good book, spend time with our families – and to listen to God’s voice freshly. An important goal of the retreat is to provide a good Vacation Bible School (VBS) – type program for our children, so that they, too, can be encouraged and grow in their friendships with one another, and in their love for the Lord. Teams of volunteers from America who love children provide a huge service by preparing a program for the older children, as well as by caring for our infants. I<em>f you think you might be interested in helping us in this way in the future by putting together a childcare team, please contact us.</em>

Into The Wilderness

Into The Wilderness is a weekend to week-long retreat in the Italian Alps, designed to encourage participants to refresh the roots of their faith experientially.  To register or see more details, please visit their website.

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