On Mission in Europe- by Linda Kitchen- Amsterdam, Netherlands

I’m excited to share with you about Amsterdam50’s mission trip to Kenya. I was blessed to have Imelda (Dutch woman) and Rony (Kenyan now living back in Kenya since Sept. 2015) as a part of the team. The December trip was our church’s 7th mission trip, continuing to build the relationship with these precious 31 … continued

Using the English language to further the Gospel- An Update from the Marrones in Spain

English continues to be the lingua franca for the world. Whether you come to Spain or go virtually anywhere, English remains the global language. Many Spaniards want to learn English for business relationships, traveling abroad or finding employment. For this reason, we use English to reach Spaniards with the gospel of Christ. We thank God for the many … continued

Vision 2020 – Martin Bonnet, Cologne, Germany

As a young student I joined the new church plant in Dortmund/Germany in 1991. One of the first conferences I attended was about church vision and goals that should be in focus to see that vision being fulfilled. Our vision was based on the great commission in Matthew 28: “We want to be a growing, … continued

European Migrant Opportunity- by Daniel Goering, Germany

There is a lot of news coverage (and rightly so) about the unprecedented migration of Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees to Europe. Germany is taking the biggest portion, estimated to be between 800,000 and a million by the end of this year. Click on this LINK, for an excellent interactive graphic. It has been amazing … continued


It is always exciting to see how God unfolds a journey of Kingdom expansion! Through a network of people, the elders of Riverbend Community Church in South Carolina began a partnership with a national church planter in northern Sweden. Having a common vision of movement with a key strategic piece in university ministry, there was … continued

Transformed by the Renewing of our Minds- Patricia van Engelen

  Greetings from Amsterdam! It’s humbling to think that we are being transformed by what we meditate on. What we focus on shapes our hearts and our minds and therefore our thoughts, words and actions. As Christians, we know that we are to fix our eyes on Jesus — to meditate on His life and … continued

Why Europe as a Mission Field

                Facts from Operation World 1. Europe has the fewest number of Evangelicals at 2.5% (Asia, at 3.5%, is closest) 2. Over 36% of the countries in Europe have less than 1% Evangelicals 3. Europe has the lowest growth rate of Evangelicals at 1.1% annually Source: 7th Edition, … continued

Cross-Cultural Worker Profile

GCE is looking for men and women sent by their churches to help reach Europe for Christ. Below are basic descriptions of those who may be qualified to consider serving in a broader/deeper capacity. Pastors/Elders – tested and proven church planting skills (multiplying small groups), evangelism skills, disciple-making skills, and team-building skills. Willing to learn a new … continued