Salvation of Miracles- by Dominic Marrone, La Roca Pamplona, Spain

In early 2016, Milagros (or Miracles) came to Spain from Argentina to be with her boyfriend, Nacho. They began to attend the worship services at La Roca Pamplona in the spring. After attending a few times, Dámaris began to meet with “Mili” to reach out to her. Mili then began to attend the women’s study … continued

Il Rifugio

In Italy, coffee is king, and bars are really coffee bars.  Aldo, who always wears a coat and tie, is a well-known barista in Torino, who for many years owned his own bar at a prime location in the city.  But when the building owner pushed him out, he essentially lost everything.  Someone invited him … continued

The Spirit Stirring Hearts-by Frank and Pam Apisa, Milano, Italy

Last spring, before we left for the U.S., the aunt of a friend of ours asked us to help her daughter with English. The first time we met, she asked Pam “What religion are you?” Pam replied, “We don’t believe in religion, but we believe that each of us can have a personal relationship with … continued

REACHING OUR NEIGHBORHOOD- by Sasha Zubenko, Dombrovka, Poland

Dombrovka, Poland is a small community where more than 2500 people live.  Most families here do not practice active life with God, but simply fulfill their Sunday church visits, considering that this is the meaning of the Christian life. After moving to this city, we started gathering at the house of Hani and Peter (our … continued

What if…? by Joe Dunn, Managing Director

What if…? This question, with endless possibilities of what to add afterwards, can paralyze any decision or movement forward.  However, ‘What if?’ can also open our minds to consider things we may not have been willing to contemplate or even think possible. I would like to submit this question for you to consider, as I … continued

Uniting To Reach The Nations- by Daniel Goering

For not only has the word of the Lord sounded forth from you in Macedonia and Achaia, but your faith in God has gone forth everywhere, so that we need not say anything.  Thess. 1:8 The Christians in Thessalonica were exemplary in many ways. And yet, they were just following the example set for them … continued

Summer Edition EUNL 2016

My aim is to evangelize where Christ has not been named, so that I will not build on someone else’s foundation…Romans 15:30 (HCSB) Our Europe Update Newsletter is published three times a year to inform friends, missionaries and partners about some of the highlights happening through GCE. We trust you will be encouraged as you … continued

Making Disciples Through Loving Others- by Eric Thomas

We all know how important it is to love God and His Word. We also know that we should be active in sharing our faith with others as well as making disciples. Yet I believe we can put making disciples against caring for one another. Almost like the two are on opposite ends of the … continued

Encouraging News from Cologne, Germany- by Daniel Goering

The church in Cologne has had a Pentecost Retreat in the Netherlands for many years.  This year’s was among the most fruitful and encouraging. Even though the weather was less than cooperative, we had great times in the Word together (John Goering, did the main teachings on a Christ-centered approach to understanding the Bible). The … continued