The Need for Living Hope Sarah Bedi, Stockholm, Sweden

A local flyer providing information about events and activities supported by the local municipality was distributed to our buildings. The officials informed us that fifty more refugee families were moving into this area. We are not allowed to know exact addresses or provide volunteer assistance, but we were at least informed. You can walk down … continued

LOVE DRESSED IN WORK CLOTHES Mindy Henson, Kyiv, Ukraine

Thousands of Ukrainians have fled from eastern Ukraine since the war with Russia began in 2014. They are desperate to find places to live and hope for the future. In June, a team from Valley View Community Church (Columbia, Missouri), together with a team from Spring of Hope Church in Kyiv, Ukraine, spent a week … continued

The Power of God at Work Linda Kitchen, Amsterdam

The Lord works in powerful and mysterious ways. It’s been exciting to see God at work through our ministry to the refugees in Amsterdam. A short-term mission team joined us in the spring of 2017. We prayer walked around the refugee camp to lay the foundation for God to show up through divine appointments. Within … continued

The Call of the Harvest by Mateo Echeverry

Hamburg, Germany has over 300 refugee camps throughout the city. Remodeled ships, restructured postal buildings, regular apartments, and buildings made entirely of modified container units are used to house the tens of thousands of refugees that now call Hamburg home. The camps range from housing as little as three families to over 1000 people and … continued

Into The Wilderness- Summer 2017, Anthony Testa

Thanks so much for praying for us on our Leadership Training Camp two weekends ago. We were amazed at how God used this 28 hour leadership training camp to overwhelm students with His love through Jesus. Initially, we thought we were going to be training future youth leaders; however, when we met the students, we … continued

Newness of Life- Amsterdam, Netherlands

What a joy and honor to witness God’s loving hand at work in the heart of our Pakistani friend, Eli (name protected). When I first met Eli several years ago, he was the definition of “down and out”, struggling deeply with depression and drug abuse. When we went to his apartment to visit his roommates, … continued

Reaching Spain and Beyond by Dom M.

A team of 12 young people from Florida came 4-12 March to serve with us in Pamplona. Most of this group of young people used their spring break in order to help evangelize and serve. They spent time teaching daily English conversation groups, sharing the good news with students at the local university and being mutually encouraged … continued

Glimpses of Germany by Matteo E.

My time in Germany was incredibly eye opening. As you can see above, there are hundreds of refugee camps all throughout the city of Hamburg, about 300 in total. The government has placed these camps all over the city, in both wealthy parts and poor parts. Everywhere you go you find Iranians, Syrians, Afghanis, and … continued

Ministry to Refugees in Berlin, Germany by D. Goering

Among those we met in the temporary refugee shelter were these three guys from Afghanistan. They made a fancy meal for us in their modular “container” home. We also were able to give Arabic/German and Persian/German New Testaments to a couple of guys. They are from Iraq and Iran and seem eager to learn about … continued