Commitment to God and His Word – Our aspiration is that our disciple-making will be marked by a wholehearted devotion to God, through prayer and by studying, obeying and teaching His Word.

Grace of God – God’s grace through Jesus Christ is the basis and power, not only of our personal lives, but also of our disciple-making and church planting.

Community – in action

The Church – The local church is God’s vehicle for accomplishing the Great Commission. The church is the place for winning people to Christ, building them to maturity, raising up leaders/disciple-makers, and for preparing church planting teams to be sent out for the expansion of God’s kingdom.

Strong Families – Strong families are the foundation for strong churches. Therefore we make it a priority to equip disciples and pastors in building their marriages and families.

Love and Unity – We desire our disciple-making to be marked by a Christ-like, selfless love, loyalty, and unity with fellow believers.

Engaged – in ministry & mission

All Nations Reached with the Gospel – Our ultimate goal and mission is to reach the whole world with the gospel of Jesus Christ by making disciples of all the nations.

Every Member a Minister and a Sent One – All disciples are empowered through the Holy Spirit to be workers in the harvest and the church, not just the pastors. Therefore we seek to equip each disciple to utilize his/her spiritual gifts to serve others.

Developing Disciples and Leaders in the Context of the Church – We place a priority upon raising up pastors, disciples, disciple-makers and church planters of Christ-like character within the local church.

Impart to every disciple and every church: God- first; Community- in action; Engaged in ministry and mission.

An understanding that Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives and as Head of our churches has sent us into the world to be His ambassadors and witnesses. We will go where people live and work, believing God to raise up disciples and new churches all across Europe.

Being a people of faith and prayer who believe that the power of God . . . 1. will regularly open up new doors for the gospel 2. will dramatically change people’s lives to make them disciples and laborers 3. will birth and develop new churches under the headship of Christ.

Our approach to church planting is based on making disciples in the context of a community of believers. We believe the primary focus of our energy and resources should be making disciples more than “how to do church” or pull off effective programs.

We will proclaim and seek to live out the reality that every believer is a priest – each one able to experience a deep and intimate relationship with God and each one with the calling, power, and gifting to play a vitally important role in the building of God’s kingdom.

The primary role of cross-cultural missionaries is to serve as catalysts in making disciples and reproducing churches by multiplying themselves into those who are established in that place.

We consider strategic partnerships with churches and ministries who share our passion for reaching Europe and desire to co-labor in order to help fulfill that vision.

We pursue initiatives, strategies and tools in disciple-making and church-planting that can be received personally, repeated easily, and reproduced indigenously.