A Man of Peace – Brasov, Romania – by Timmy Powers, GCE Eastern Europe Director

Until two years ago David, Adi and their wives only had a small group of people gathering with them in Brasov and most of their outreach was centered on Transylvania University. However, two summers ago a short-term mission team from West Virginia helped bring about a significant turning point in their ministry. They decided to venture outside of the city to do an outreach in Garchin, the largest community of Roma (often referred to by the negative term, “gypsies”) in Europe. The team hosted a soccer camp for the kids and built a playground as well as a small room to be used for tutoring on the local school property.
One new contact from all these efforts is Viorel. He seems to be the type of person whom Jesus referred to as a “man of peace” (Matthew 10 and Luke 10), exhibited by his very positive and open response when Adi, a local business man and evangelist, inquired about doing a Discovery Bible Study with him and his family. As they began to read together the amazing stories about Jesus, Viorel, his wife, and an extended family member responded to the life-changing message of the gospel. Soon other friends and family members started gathering with them to study the Bible, as well.
Opportunities to serve in the local school have accelerated through Viorel’s positive and growing relationship with Adi and David (Corem Deo church leaders in Brasov), along with the interaction between their families. Soon God connected the dots between the outreach at the university and the Roma village. David was able to work with the
university in arranging an ongoing program (for curriculum credit) that gets college students involved in tutoring Roma kids. Amazingly these unbelieving students, in conjunction with the tutoring, are required to take part in a weekly leadership training program based on the wisdom of Proverbs that is taught by Adi and David. Please pray for continued connection with the university and for God’s word to spread throughout these schools.

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