VISION FOR THE UNREACHED IN THE BALKANS- by Rose Bell, Fellowship Church, College Station, Texas

Balkans15-27[4]Our short-term mission trip to the Balkans in July marked a pivotal point for my husband and me, as we hope to plant a church in this region in the near future. Barclay and I led a team of six individuals from Fellowship Church, who are prayerfully considering joining us in a small city of approximately 82,000 Muslims and no known followers of Jesus. This trip allowed us to put into practice some strategies that we hope to use long-term, such as an emphasis on prayer and worship, asking God for daily guidance in search of Luke 10 people of peace, prayer walking, and talking through how to implement church planting movement principles. This summer’s trip was not only a sobering experience when coming to the realization about the difficulty we may endure, but also a hopeful one in knowing that Jesus is worth it and He desires for the Bosniaks to know Him more than we ever could.

We are being given the opportunity to partner with God in making His name known among a people group who do not have anyone else sharing the love of Christ with them. What an exciting and humbling privilege! As we look forward to next summer, we see a need for a longer trip to expand our knowledge of what long-term life in ministry would look like in the Balkans and this is only the beginning. We are moving towards spending several weeks there every summer until we set out to move overseas long-term.