Vision 2020 – Martin Bonnet, Cologne, Germany

As a young student I joined the new church plant in Dortmund/Germany in 1991. One of the first conferences I attended was about church vision and goals that should be in focus to see that vision being fulfilled. Our vision was based on the great commission in Matthew 28: “We want to be a growing, multiplying church that makes fully-devoted disciples who will reach Dortmund, the Ruhr area and all of Germany and influence all of Europe.” To see that happen, we needed to work on four goals: Unity, Fishing, Training, Sending. We wrote down what we could do to see those goals accomplished: or better stated, what we were able to trust God to do in and through us.

“That was twenty-four years ago, and it is interesting to see what God has done – in some ways beyond our expectations and in other areas, in total different ways than we expected. You may ask: Does it then make sense to have a clear vision like that, if you have to trust and follow God’s leading anyhow? Indeed!

I was already co-laboring with my brothers and sisters, but through clearly-stated vision and goals I had a much better understanding of our priorities and could picture how the future might look.

I am glad that we as GCE wrestled together to come up with a vision for the year 2020:

With a total of 55 countries and over 800 million people in Europe and Eurasia, we desire to…

  • double the number of churches in the existing countries
  • double the number of missionary workers
  • expand into seven new countries for a total of twenty countries by 2020.

Thereafter, we would like for this next season to be the catalyst to see church plants begin in five new countries every five years.

We want to be a fellowship of churches united together to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ: making disciples, planting churches, reaching the nations through Europe. This vision reflects our goals, our heart and our faith.

We would be excited for you to consider becoming a vital part in seeing Vision 2020 become true and the kingdom of God built throughout Europe.