THE NEED: Workers for the Harvest- Jack Stockdale, Newsong Community Church- Reynoldsburg, OH

Pavel and FamilyDuring the ten years I lived and served in Poland I had many opportunities to travel to neighboring Czech Republic. Though the two Slavic nations share many similarities they each have distinct histories and sharply contrasting spiritual dynamics. While religious tradition is very strong in Poland, a “tradition” of atheism prevails in the CZ.


This past March I led a small team of Americans exploring whether and when the time would be right to send a permanent church-planting team. We spent time learning from in-country American missionaries and laboring alongside dear Czech believers who possess a wonderful vision for their needy nation. Developing partnerships like these in a country is always a crucial preliminary step to sending a permanent team.


We evangelized in Prague, the capital, and in Ostrava, the country’s third largest city. We heard many Czech’s say (after looking both ways to see whether they were being overheard by a fellow Czech) “Well, you know, we Czechs are mostly atheists. I, on the other hand, do wonder whether perhaps there is a God. I really enjoy talking about it with you foreigners because we Czechs rarely discuss these things with each other.”


Though atheism is the commonly acknowledged mindset in the Czech Republic there truly is a genuine openness and spiritual interest in many people. Opportunities there for kingdom extension are very real and will excite anyone with a passion to help reach unreached nations.


As we build these strategic partnerships, entering into what God is already doing in the Czech Republic, please pray for discernment of God’s specific guidance. Also, beseech (to ask urgently and fervently; implore; entreat) the Lord of the harvest that is now ready to be reaped in the Czech Republic to raise up and send forth the necessary workers.


Another short-term mission trip is planned to Czech Republic for Spring 2016. Please contact us at if you are interested.