The Need in Germany – by Megan Kish, OSU

EUNL- Summer 2015

In May, I came with a team from Ohio (h2o-OSU and h2o-Kent) to Berlin to partner with the Rock Berlin. Our goals were broad and our experiences were even more so. One goal was to encourage the Rock Berlin in their presence in the city, as they have faced a lot of adversity in the past few years. Their faith and love were beautiful things to witness. We were able to do a few service projects for them and they were so grateful.

Another goal of the trip was to get an understanding of the spiritual climate of Germany. We spent several days at Humboldt-Universitat in Berlin, as well as a few days in Dresden, engaging students in conversation. Many students had not given much thought to their spiritual life, or believed that there is an afterlife at all. However, we did have fruitful conversations when students allowed us to share our testimonies and the gospel with them. One student said that her trust and faith in God would grow by having spiritual conversations such as the one she had with us.

We also got to meet other believers and missionaries who are doing such great mission work for God in Berlin. They expressed feeling alone and discouraged in a place where there are so few Christians.

It was encouraging for me to remember how big God is. We did not bring God to Germany – He was already there and working through His spirit and love for the lost, just as He does all over the world. It was an eye-opening experience to witness the spiritual state Germany is currently in, but it created a desire in me to tell every missionary I know to go there!!! May the hearts of German people know Him and His goodness, the truths of salvation and Heaven, and may God be glorified.