Eastern Europe Leadership Development

As a simple church network has already spread across various parts of Eastern Europe, there has become a much greater need to bring key leaders together on a regular basis for prayer, fellowship, equipping, and strategizing.  This aspect of the program will bring 10-15 key leaders from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Armenia, and Latvia (and possibly Romania and Poland) to Kiev, two or three times a year.  These times together will be crucial in building stronger teams of regional coaches and will aide in a united vision.  This will ultimately provide a greater influence for the gospel resulting in a greater expansion of the Kingdom of God in Eastern Europe.

Ukraine Relief

This ministry in Ukraine is focused on bringing the gospel as well as practical needs Ukrainians need as a result of the ongoing war in that Region.

Europe Leadership Training

This specially designed Europe Leadership Training is designed to incorporate people who might anticipate serving as a foreign missionary in Europe, or for people who want to see first hand the spiritual needs in Europe. These missionaries, alongside selected European emerging leaders, will learn and labor together in a combined 6 to 8 week long leadership training adventure. There will be many practical ministry opportunities in a cross-cultural context in a number of key countries in a Central and Western Europe.

Europe Training Center

Longer term project of acquiring and setting up a facility in the gateway cities in Europe for missionary and cultural training of new staff on their way to assignment in Europe (including pastors from the States offering their expertise). Designed to optimize the preparedness of our on field workers and maximize their effectiveness and longevity while on their assignments.

Diaspora Focused Learning Communities

Diaspora -the movement, migration, or scattering of a people away from an established or ancestral homeland. These learning communities will include believers who are involved in GCE churches, experienced evangelists / disciple-rs, local church leaders, and others in the community who are interested in furthering their personal ministry with this population. These learning communities will be critical to further envision, equip, encourage, and implement a more focused ministry toward these immigrants and refugees in the affected GCE churches.

Where Most Needed

The GCE Director serving in the US will provide overall project support and will be actively involved in a number of the projects included in this grant request. Travel and administrative services, as well as equipment.