Great Commission Europe, Inc. (GCE) exists to connect both individuals and teams interested in serving as short or long term missionaries with associated or partnering churches in Europe.  The mission of GCE is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to Europe through partnering with individuals and teams in the establishment of churches.  GCE reserves the right to disassociate with individuals, teams or churches at any time that are no longer committed to this mission.  GCE does not directly employ or serve as a fundraising organization for such individuals or teams. Although GCE has a professional relationship with such associated and partnering churches, GCE does not take responsibility for accidents, losses or misrepresentations incurred before, during or after missions service.  GCE strongly suggests that individuals and teams desiring to serve with associated or partnering churches in Europe, raise funds and ensure all coverages such as travel and health insurance through a qualified missions agency.