Below are associated churches in Europe that currently host STMs. If you have interest in one or more of these opportunities, click on the appropriate link to contact the local church/ministry hosting that project. If you have a desire or idea for an additional STM project, please contact the appropriate location to interact with the prospective host, or contact us to explore a new location, need or opportunity.

Czech Republic

Associated Church: Exploratory| email
English Camp in Ostrava
Duration: June 24- July 9, 2019

Evangelistic Outreach in Brno and Ostrava
Duration: To be determined 2019

Germany- Berlin

Associated Church: Rock Berlin | website
Missions Team: NC State
Duration: March 9-16,  2019

Germany- Cologne

Associated Church: Die Brücke – Köln | website
Missions Team: Summer LINC 2019

Italy- Milan

Associated Church: Il Rifugio – Bicocca | email
Missions Team: The Rock- SLC
Duration: October 2019

Missions Team: H20- Ohio
Duration: May 2019

Missions Team: Columbus, Ohio
Duration: October  2019

Italy- Turin

Associated Church: Il Rifugio | website
Missions Team: None yet scheduled

Netherlands- Amsterdam

Missions Team: Ball State
Duration: 2-10 March, 2019


Associated Church: Miasto Na Gorze | email
Missions Team: None yet scheduled.


Romania, Brasov

 Missions Team: South Ridge Church, WV
Duration: July 20-28, 2018

Spain- Madrid

Associated Church: Iglesia Cristiana Biblica
Missions Team: None yet scheduled.

Spain- Pamplona

Associated Church: La Roca | website 
Missions Team: University of Florida
Duration: March 2-10, 2019

Sweden- Stockholm

Church plant to university students
Missions Team: March 10-17, 2019


Simple Church Network |website
Missions: None yet scheduled