Annual Missionary Retreat

Location:  Malta
Duration:   15 April – 20April, 2019

From the earliest years of serving in Europe, Great Commission Europe (GCE) missionaries and their families have enjoyed annual, much-needed retreats together in various locations in Europe. It is a time when these cross-cultural workers can rest and relax together, enjoy the company of fellow laborers, and be refreshed by the Lord. There are opportunities for worship, prayer, and encouragement from inspiring messages. And there is also time to simply unwind – to walk along the beach, read a good book, spend time with our families – and to listen to God’s voice freshly.

An important goal of the retreat is to provide a good Vacation Bible School (VBS) – type program for our children, so that they, too, can be encouraged and grow in their friendships with one another, and in their love for the Lord. Teams of volunteers from America who love children provide a huge service by preparing a program for the older children, as well as by caring for our infants. (If you think you might be interested in helping us in this way in the future by putting together a childcare team, please let us know through this website – you could be a GREAT blessing to us!Click here to view last year’s testimonies of families being impacted through the VBS  Oakridge Community Church provided. 

Serving cross-culturally has great reward, but it is also a life of many challenges – you are faced daily with a culture, a lifestyle, and a history so different from your own, and the spiritual battle rages unabated as you leave the security and familiarity of your own country. These annual retreats are like a breath of fresh air, a time to regain energy and focus, to reconnect with others who have also left their home countries to serve as missionaries in foreign countries, and it is a week that is treasured by our GCE workers and their families.

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