Renewing The Mind- By Daniel Goering, Berlin, Germany

The weekend of March 24-25 afforded us the privilege of going through some great material in a course called “Renewing the Mind”. The title of the course comes from Romans 12:2 that we should be being transformed by the renewing of our mind. Facilitating the course were Franz and Kristie Martens, who are setting up … continued

Making Disciples Through Loving Others- by Eric Thomas

We all know how important it is to love God and His Word. We also know that we should be active in sharing our faith with others as well as making disciples. Yet I believe we can put making disciples against caring for one another. Almost like the two are on opposite ends of the … continued

Transformed by the Renewing of our Minds- Patricia van Engelen

  Greetings from Amsterdam! It’s humbling to think that we are being transformed by what we meditate on. What we focus on shapes our hearts and our minds and therefore our thoughts, words and actions. As Christians, we know that we are to fix our eyes on Jesus — to meditate on His life and … continued